How is SPB’s health now?

Legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyan is showing signs of mobility and is on the road to getting better, said his son and singer-actor SP Charan. He also said that his mother is recovering and will most likely be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday or Wednesday.

“I know it’s a late update but we wanted to give a thorough one from the medical team. Since it’s a Sunday, there were a few things happening at the hospital,” Charan said.

He added: “Dad was shifted from the ICU on the third floor to an exclusive ICU room on the 6th floor. The shifting took some time. Dad is still on life support but he is able to recognize people and doctors now. He even gave thumbs up sign.”

“He is breathing more comfortably than few days back. Doctors see it as a pleasant sign and consider it as a road towards recovery. There is a lot of effort from the medical team. The recovery will take a long time but we are hopeful that he will recover as early as possible. He is not fully sedated now,” Charan said further.

On his mother, he said, “Mom is getting better and she will be discharged in two to three days. We are hopeful that dad will follow her back home. Let’s keep praying. My family is indebted to all your love, affection and prayers.”

Kamal Haasan posted, “My dear brother, we are waiting for you. For many years, you have lived as my voice and I have been a face to your voice. Your voice should echo louder. Come back. Come back soon, my brother.”

On August 5, SP Balasubrahmanyam got admitted to MGM Healthcare Hospital in Chennai after testing positive for the novel coronavirus. Actor and director Raghava Lawrence has recalled a kind gesture of SPB and wished for his recovery.

Sharing pictures from the incident, Raghava Lawrence tweeted “I strongly believe that SPB sir will recover from covid and come back soon. He’s a great singer as well as a great human being. He came to my trust 7 years back and served food for my children with his own hands. His service and good heart will save him. Me and my children pray Raghavendra Swamy for his speed recovery. Everyone please pray for him”.