Hospital admissions due to other ailments, mortality rate come down in Chennai during Covid-19

It looks like Covid-19 is doing its share of good things too. Besides bringing down pollution and making people understand the importance of family, unity and love, the pandemic has also brought down overall mortality and hospital admissions due to other ailments.

According to sources, admissions and even out patients have come down drastically in hospitals across Tamil Nadu. Surgeries, including some major ones, have been postponed.

More importantly, the fatality rate has reduced to a great extend. While 4,789 people died in Chennai in April 2018, 4,888 lost their lives in April 2019. However, in April 2020, only 3,754 have died.

For May, the fatality figures are 5,146 in 2018, 5,739 in 2019 and 4,532 in 2020. And in June, the deaths stand at 5,130 in 2018, 6,184 in 2019 and 844 (as per available data, according to a television report) in 2020.

According to a doctor with a private hospital, “it is true that the number of admissions due to other ailments has considerably come down in our hospital since April. People fear to come to hospital due to the pandemic.” A few activists however point out that people not going to hospitals much is a good trend and this might be one of the reasons behind the reduction in the number of fatalities.