Hookah bar raided in Chennai, 2 arrested

Hookah bar raided in Chennai, 2 arrested

Based on complaints on hookah centres allowing minors into the premises, and failing to maintain a record of visitors, police conducted raid at one such centre in Shastri Nagar and arrested two people in this regard.

Based on a tip-off, the Shastri Nagar police raided a café located at the junction of 1st Main Road and 3rd Cross Street.

This café at Adyar was found using banned tobacco, the police said. Seizing 400 g of the “banned substance” worth Rs. 20,000, the police arrested the owners — Monish Jain (26) and Anis Jain (21). Both were remanded in judicial custody on Saturday.

Though in December 2014, the Supreme Court lifted the ban on hookah in the city and listed a set of strict norms to be followed, many places were found violating these norms, officials said.

The Supreme Court had fixed strict norms to be followed, including fixing of closed circuit television cameras by hotels and restaurants serving hookah.

For instance, only an eating house with at least 30 seats is allowed to have a smoking zone in which the hookah can also be served. But most of the places serve only hookah.