Hindi is friend to all Indian languages: Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah – on the occasion of Hindi Diwas – pitched for the wider use of the language in the country and declared it to be “the basic basis of our cultural consciousness and national unity”.

Hindi is the country’s official language but will prosper only through coexistence with other Indian languages, said Home Minister Amit Shah.

“Different opinions come. But I want to clarify that Hindi is not competing with any other Indian language. It is actually a friend of all Indian languages and it will prosper only with co-existence,” Shah said.

“Gone are the days when speaking in Hindi was a matter of embarrassment… If PM can speak Hindi internationally, what are we embarrassed about?… The government is committed towards parallel development of Hindi and all Indian languages,” he said, in a virtual address to an event organised at Vigyan Bhawan by the Department of Languages in the ministry.

“There is no need to hesitate, no need to suffer any inferiority complex. When the PM speaks in Hindi at the highest of international platforms, what are we worried about? Those days are gone when we used to think how we will be judged if we speak in Hindi. You will be judged by your work, your ideas, not by your language,” Shah said.