Hidden cameras found in women's hostel, owner arrested

Hidden cameras found in women’s hostel, owner arrested

The Chennai police today arrested a man who runs a women’s hotel in Thillai Ganga Nagar in Adambakkam after inmates found hidden cameras in bathrooms, halls and other places.

Working women stay in the hostel run by Sampath Raj (48), from Tiruchi, and lately suspected something was amiss in their rooms.

The inmates began getting suspicious after Sampath often carried out renovation in the building. The women had a doubt whether he was fixing cameras under the guise of this ‘renovation’.

Then they found their suspicion true with the help of a mobile app. The cameras were hidden in electrical sockets, bulbs, rods and other places.

According to reports, the women grew suspicious about the activities of Sampath after he had made frequent visits to the hostel claiming to check the facilities there.

He allegedly placed the cameras in the name of carrying out renovation works. The police, who arrested Sampath last night, are investigating to find out if the cameras were fixed to upload the pictures on shady Internet sites.