Here’s how to keep you and kids entertained during the quarantine.

By: Dharini Upadhyaya CO Founder and CO-CEO Furtados School of

The world is in a lock down state and for a good reason, the pandemic we are facing today can be controlled only with social distancing.

While this might be the ideal thing to do, it might be contradictory to our style of living and thus, be very challenging to achieve. A lot of people out there are unsure about what to do with the ample amount of free time they are suddenly blasted with. What do they do indoors if they are not allowed to step out? How do they make their time worthwhile for themselves as well as their kids?

Here are a few activities parents and children can do together to make good use of their time and energy when everyone is quarantined.

  1. Pick up an instrument; get going with some online training!

Musical instruments can be learnt anywhere and anytime; all you need is a right music tutor. Now at times like this, technology can play a significant role in enabling online training. On portals like Furtados, you can search for your ideal music teacher and start training via video calls. Learning music at the time of such adversity can not only calm your nerves down but also promote brain development while you are at it. This portal allows you access to a lot of other resources like sheet music, tablature, lyrics, etc. so even if you have already learned an instrument, it’s the perfect time to tune in and practice daily. Plus, learning music together is a sure way of connecting with your children on a deeper level.

  1. Pick the book; you never had time to read

We know you have been adding books to your reading list for quite some time. Now is the time to really start reading them one by one. While you are at it, why not give speed reading a go? Get ambitious about it and challenge yourself and the children to complete a book in a day or a week – however you like. If you have more than one child, you can come up with fun games after reading like storytelling or drawing the characters. If you want to wander to places at the time of quarantine, a book is your door.

  1. Watch Documentaries

There is a whole ocean of options out there that are worthy of your time and attention. You can just login into any of the streaming applications and boom, and you will find loads and loads of documentaries. Netflix, Discovery Channel, History Channel, YouTube, Curiosity app are some of the best places you can find exciting documentaries. Imagine your whole family sitting together, watching how a remote tribe in the Amazon forest lives and enjoying a tub of popcorn – sounds like fun, doesn’t it? If you want to club two activities, here’s a great idea – while the kids are taking on some crafting activities, start a podcast program or an audible story. It’s a sure way to have double the fun!

  1. Bring out your inner artist. Do that DIY!

What sounds more amusing than doing some fun DIY activities with your child? Just grab some craft materials available at your disposal and start a fun crafting session. You can tune in to the infamous Art Attack or MAD Stuff With Rob available on YouTube or any other art channel. Oh and yes you could also take up some science project where children can learn while they have fun.

  1. Indoor games

Today’s kids bury their heads in devices whenever they get a chance. Get them out of the device zone and teach them one of your favourite childhood board games. Some of the fun board games could be snake and ladder, Ludo, Monopoly, card games, Scrabble, Jenga, etc. Not only you get to revisit those sweet memories, but your children get to enjoy them too. While you are at it, sprinkle some of your childhood stories and go through your photo albums. This will surely create moments of joy and bonding among the family.

Kids are full of energy, so quarantine shouldn’t be a punishment for them. Make their indoor times fun and fruitful with these activities. There are plenty of other things to do too apart from this list. With the internet and technology, the world is wide open just from the comfort of your house. Make the best use of this social isolation period and rekindle the bond within your family with some fun activities. While having all this fun at home, remember to stay clean and keep some physical distance to ensure the utmost safety for your family.