Health Minister cautions about rise in dengue cases

Health Minister Ma Subramanian urged the public to seek immediate medical care for fever, especially in children, as dengue cases have been seeing a surge.

The Minister inspected the dengue ward at the Institute of Child Health and Women’s Hospital on Tuesday. The hospital has treated 493 dengue patients since January. Of these, 449 have recovered and returned home. Currently, 41 children are receiving treatment and recovering well.
“The Chief Minister had hosted a meeting with the district administration officials to work on the preventive measures to prevent the outbreak. The State health department, in collaboration with the respective local bodies, is taking various measures to prevent dengue,” he added.
People coming from other states are being screened at the borders. “Cases of dengue among children are high in some parts of Andhra Pradesh and thus we have referral cases from other places too,” he said.