HC quashes plea against Isha Yoga Centre

HC quashes plea against Isha Yoga Centre

The Madras high court today dismissed woman’s plea against Ishya Yoga Centre, relying on the statements received from her daughters confirming that they are staying at the centre on their own volition.

A Division Bench of Justices S. Nagamuthu and V. Bharsthidasan however, gave liberty to the parents to meet their daughters in the Foundation, without causing any disturbance to the peaceful atmosphere of the Centre and with due intimation to the management.

When the habeas corpus plea move by the girls’ mother Sathyajothi came up for hearing, the government advocate submitted the report of the Coimbatore Principal District Judge (PDJ) as directed by the court on Thursday.

“The PDJ has categorically mentioned in his report that there is no truth in the allegation and that the detenues are staying at the Foundation on their own will.”

“Prima facie we are satisfied that they are staying on their own wish, and hence no relief can be granted as prayed in the petition.”

The high court on Wednesday directed the Principal District Judge, Coimbatore, to visit the premises of Isha Yoga Centre near that city to conduct an inquiry with the inmates about their willingness to stay there and submit a report Thursday

The bench gave the direction on the Habeas Corpus petition filed by parents of two women living in the premises of Isha yoga centre, 27 kms from Coimbatore.

The Principal District Judge, Coimbatore, who is also the Chairman of District Legal Services Authority, was directed to visit the centre and conduct an inquiry with the inmates and other ‘detenues’ and submit a report to the court tomorrow, the order said.

On August 1, a retired professor Kamaraj and his wife had petitioned the Coimbatore Collector alleging that their two daughters had been held captive at Isha Yoga centre near Coimbatore and were made ‘sanyasins’.