Happy birthday Sivakumar

Happy birthday Sivakumar

Today is the 75th birthday of veteran actor Sivakumar, who is father of top stars Suriya and Karthi. Wishes have been pouring in on him from various quarters since morning.

A three-day painting exhibition by Sivakumar has just concluded at Lalit Kala Academi in Chennai.

The expo organised by Suriya and Karthi featured Sivakumar’s 100 paintings drawn from 1958 to 1965 and include pencil and crayon sketches, water colour and oil paintings, besides portraits of eminent personalities and many important locations across India.

“Appa’s first identity was that of an artist long before he became an actor. He started painting from the age of 12 right up till his ’20s. In fact, he left his village and came to Madras to pursue his passion for art.

But he couldn’t procure admission in the famed Government College of Fine Arts on time. In the interim, he happened to meet the legendary thespian Sivaji Ganesan who saw his paintings. Spotting his inherent talent, he suggested that Appa join Mohan Arts as a painter so that he could further enhance his skills and not waste time while waiting for admission in the Fine Arts college.

At Mohan Arts, Appa worked hard and learnt several new techniques while painting giant hoardings. Later when he joined the Arts College finally, many were impressed with his knowledge and existing body of work,” says Suriya.

Sivakumar is an actor and visual artist, who has portrayed a wide range of leading and supporting roles onscreen in Tamil cinema. Sivakumar made his acting debut in by A. C. Trilogchander’s Kakkum Karangal (1965). His art works include several portraits of noted celebrities. He is also ambidextrous.