What happened to Vaiko in Malaysia?

MDMK general secretary Vaiko was detained by Malaysian immigration officials at the Kuala Lumpur airport on the ground that he was “on the list of dangerous persons posing a threat to the country.”

The MDMK chief was to attend a wedding at the invitation of P Ramaswamy, the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang province.

After his inquisition, the 73-year-old was detained at the airport to be sent back to Chennai in the night. Vaiko was told that he was barred from entering Malaysia because his name was on a list of people who are dangerous to the country.

Vaiko was questioned by several officials and his passport was also seized. “Vaiko was questioned by officials about his links to the LTTE and about several cases filed by Sri Lanka against him. Vaiko showed his passport and said that he is an Indian citizen. But the officials did not let him go,” said a MDMK statement.

Vaiko told partymen in Chennai that the officials asked him questions about the LTTE and said cases were pending against him in Sri Lanka. But he denied the allegations.

Efforts by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to get Vaiko into Malaysia also failed because he was told that orders for the ban on his entry had come from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office.