H Raja slams poster of Hansika's Maha

H Raja slams poster of Hansika’s Maha

We had recently reported that the first look poster of Hansika’s 50th film film featuring the actress smoking in the attire of a saint has created a controversy.

Joining the issue now is BJP national secretary H Raja, who has come down heavily on the movie’s crew for ‘showing Hindu saints in bad light’.

“Your movie #Maha poster shows Hindu’s in bad light. I dare @dir_URJameel to show your unique side with the religion your practice why not a burqua cald women smoking with a backdrop of your holy shrine I dare you to do it,” he tweeted.

The director issued a clarification saying: “believe in humanity n not in Hindu-muslim, so pls dont create caste and religion angle.”

Recently, in his interaction with a Tamil newspaper, director U R Jameel said that people should only see Hansika smoking cigar as the characterization of the actress in the film.

Hansika is seen smoking from a chillum in one of the posters of Maha, which has raised several eyebrows. From the sadhus lying beside her and the Varanasi backdrop, one can be sure that the actress is not just smoking tobacco.

Releasing the first look poster, she tweeted: “#Maha #hansikas50th @dir_URJameel @MathiyalaganV9 @GhibranOfficial @madhankarky.” Srikanth is playing a key role in this flick.

The film has music by Ghibran. Madhan Karky has written the lyrics for the film. The actress has currently gone through a physical transformation and has lost oodles of weight.