Guinness declares Adiyogi statue as largest in the world

Guinness declares Adiyogi statue as largest in the world

The face of Adiyogi – the Source of Yoga, has been listed as the largest bust in the world by Guinness World Record.

This iconic statue, unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 24, at Isha Yoga Center at the outskirts in Coimbatore, is 112-feet tall and attracts thousands of people everyday.

Describing Adiyogi, the Guinness World Record states: “The largest bust (sculpture) is 34.24 metre (112 ft 4.0 in) high, 24.99 m (81 ft 11.8 in) wide and 44.90 m (147 ft 3.7 in) long, achieved by Isha Foundation (India), in Tamil Nadu, India, as verified on 11 March 2017.”

The face of Adiyogi, set up by the Isha Foundation led by spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev, attracts thousands of people every day, a press release said.

The bust refers to source of Yoga and symbolises the 112 methods of self-transformation that the first Yogi or Adiyogi (originator of yoga) offered, the release said.

The Indian Ministry of Tourism has included the statue as a consecration destination in its official Incredible India campaign.

Sadhguru said that the statue is for inspiring and promoting yoga, and is named Adiyogi, which means “the first yogi”, because Shiva is known as the originator of yoga.