GST council meet to be held in Madurai this month end: PTR

The GST council meeting in Madurai is expected to be held either on the third or fourth week of this month.

The meeting was actually scheduled in the first week of August, but as Parliament session will go on till August 12 and the Independence Day being observed on August 15, the meeting was postponed, Minister for Finance and Human Resources Management, PTR Palanivel Thiaga Rajan said on Monday.

Talking to reporters, the Minister referring to damages caused by recent rains in Madurai district said that such losses were due to lack of a long term vision, poor and improper planning during the 10-year AIADMK regime.

Further, the local bodies were not functional as elections were not conducted for a long time.

The erstwhile AIADMK government made several announcements on development works under Rule 110 in the Assembly during 2019-20, but nothing was executed.

It’s easy for the AIADMK government to make announcements, but it’s difficult to implement, but Chief Minister MK Stalin has instructed legislators to execute development projects suiting the demands and needs of the needs of the public.

At present, there are only two sewage treatment plants in Madurai at a distance of 20 km to 30 km with capacities of 100 MLD and 25 MLD and added that proper planning is essential.

Over the last several months, about four meetings were convened with experts for a master plan. Now, a complete design plan has prepared and it will be executed in a phased manner.

Though corruption in inefficient projects could be viewed as not taking it seriously, corruption in projects such as ‘Smart City Mission’ affecting people is a ‘serious offence’, the Finance Minister said.