Grand release for 2.0 Rajini Shankar Akshay excited

Grand release for 2.0; Rajini, Shankar, Akshay excited

With just hours left for the release of 2.0, superstar Rajinikanth fans are painting the town red with festoons and banners. Grand celebrations are being planned at theatres across Tamil Nadu.

Speaking at the Telugu pre-release event of 2.0, Rajinikanth said, “After my debut film, Apoorva Raagangal, I am excited and nervous about 2.0 because, in this film, almost 40-45% is filled with visual effects and being an actor, I’m eagerly looking forward to watching my own work”.

The superstar said that he struggled a lot only in the first part (Enthiran), the sequel was quite easy. “The only difficulty is that my health wasn’t well during the climax portions”, he added.

“2.0 will be a pride of Indian cinema. The film has a strong storyline and technically, we have created a new standard.” He hailed producer Subaskaran for funding the film at a humongous budget and appreciated Shankar for his vision and hard work

Shankar said: “In the hot climatic conditions, Rajinikanth sir had to wear the bodysuit and despite his poor health condition, he pulled it off only to help the producer who would have lost a lot of money if the shoot got postponed”.

He added: “Akshay Kumar is a very disciplined and dedicated actor. Every day, it would take minimum three hours for his makeup but he never worried about it. Similarly, AR Rahman took six months for the background score of the film and the re-recording output looks as amazing as Batman and Spiderman.”

Akshay Kumar said: “Acting in ‘2.0’ was going to a school and I learned new things. If ‘2.0’ sets is a school, Shankar sir is my principal. Trust me, I have been in the industry for 28 years, but things which I learned in ‘2.0’ was never taught to me before. I thank Shankar sir for the opportunity.”