Govt holds tripartite talks with film industry veterans to end strike

Tripartite talks between the government and Tamil film industry veterans were held in Chennai today, in a bid to end the strike, which has crippled the functioning of Tamil cinema for 1.5 months.
A few days ago, Tamil Nadu minister for information Kadambur Raju has said tripartite talks will be felicitated by the government on April 17 in Chennai, in which industry veterans and government officials would participate.
“The strike will be brought to an end soon. We are hopeful of a favourable decision at the tripartite discussions,” he added.
The whole industry is suffering due to the strike. The pressure is mounting on the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TPFC) that has imposed a total shutdown in the film industry.
Arvind Swami has expressed his displeasure over the ongoing stalemate, which has put thousands of employees out of work since last month.
“To be honest, I am kind of getting tired of this strike. Want to get back to work. Have no idea of the progress made in the terms put forward or the negotiations. I just hope everyone can get back to working soon and making movies. Thousands affected, need quick resolutions,” he tweeted.