Govt cancels special shows of Vijay’s Bigil

Tamil Nadu Minister of Information and Publicity, Kadambur Raju, has clearly said that there will not be any special shows for the two Deepavali releases- Vijay starrer Bigil and Karthi starrer Kaithi.

The films can only be screened from 10 am onwards. Raju, in a tweet, said that he had already sent a full-length statement disallowing ‘special shows’.

“I have already sent the statement related to cancellation of special shows. I have urged them  to refund the money to those who had made reservations. Through this initiative, the practice of charging exorbitant rates for special shows will be stopped,” he posted.

Meanwhile, Minister for Personnel and Administrative Reforms D Jayakumar said theatres charging more for Deepavali special shows is not at all acceptable. There was a strong buzz that the ticket prices for both the films have been increased tremendously.

 “If special shows don’t charge extra, the government will consider and decide in line with the Minister’s conditions. Law is common to all,” Jayakumar said, and added how people would pay for tickets priced at Rs 3,000.

The Tamil Nadu government has strongly opposed this move by the distributors of the films.  Kadambur Raju further stated that until the distributors give an official word that they will not make the theatre owners increase the cost of the tickets for the early morning special shows as compared to the other show timings the decision made by the Tamil Nadu government will stay as it is.

As distributors and theatre owners have bought Bigil for a huge price, they are in need of special early morning shows to get back their investment. Sources say that the representatives of theatre owners in Tamil Nadu will meet Kadambur Raju to discuss the allocation of special shows for the Deepavali weekend.