Golden chance for non-engineers to get IIM admissions!

CAT 2019 is a national level entrance exam meant to provide admissions into the best management institutes in the country, including the premier IIM institutes. Every MBA aspirant dreams to getting into the IIMs which are known to provide exceptional education and lucrative placement offers. However, the battle for them is intense due to the massive competition observed among the students.

Earlier, engineering graduates were seen gravitating towards a management degree, however, since millennials do not shy away from opportunities because the world is an oyster for them. Therefore, several non-engineers and students with unconventional degrees are also observed attempting the CAT exam and fighting to get that IIM tag onto themselves.

If you are a non-engineer MBA aspirant, we bring good news for you! The IIMs, realising the needs of the ever changing job market and the plethora of untapped potential that resides in our country, have not only revised the CAT exam criteria but also modified the IIM admission criteria so as to accommodate academic diversity within classrooms in future board rooms!

Even in the CAT 2018 exam, the questions in the exam were framed in a way so as to ensure a level playing field for students from all backgrounds, including Arts and Commerce.

  • IIM Ahmedabad, Kozhikode, Bengaluru and Kolkata were the first ones to come up with the concept of academic diversity in the campuses. Notably, in the year 2016, IIM Ahmedabad reduce the CAT score weightage for the final selection from 28% in contrast to the previous years’ 35%.
  • Another silver lining for the non-engineers is the increasing ratio of non-engineers voluntarily opting to study at the IIMs. The top three IIMs, namely the IIM A, B and C have recorded an increase in the overall enrolments by non-engineers in the PGP course.
  • IIM Calcutta, for example, allots only 15 points out of 50 to the CAT scores. On the other hand, PI-WAT receive nearly double the weightage (24+5). Therefore, if you are someone with fine writing skills, you are at a higher advantage over someone who is good at analysing but possesses poor writing and communication skills.
  • IIM Bangalore, however, expects you to ace PI. Notably, the weightage is 30 for PI and 25 for CAT.
  • Please note that every IIM has their own ‘Applicant Rating Score,’ according to their score. The said score is calculated using marks obtained by the candidate in classes X and XII, along with the marks obtained in the Bachelors degree. Therefore, a non-engineer with average credentials also holds a high chance to secure an admission into any of the IIMs.
  • If you are a science student applying to IIM Ahmedabad, you must have at least 55% in class XII exams to get 1 point in the preliminary screening process while a Commerce student needs only 50% and Arts will require 45%.
  • Classrooms at the IIMs also favour the fairer sex exponentially and rightly so! Both the old and the new IIMs are making that extra inch of effort to ensure a decent ratio of women representation. Notably, the enrolments by women in the IIMs have increased in the past 3 years, going from 881 students in 2015-17 to 1211 for the batch of 2017-19 respectively. As per Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, IIMA’s flagship PGP course saw 28% female students in 2017, as compared to the 14% in 2015. IIM Rohtak so far has been the most successful IIM favouring gender diversity with a whopping ratio of over 50% going in favour of women.

Therefore, you can see that the IIMs favour the non-engineers quite well, who can grab the opportunity of GD-PI to excel and register a seat for themselves at the IIMs. This, in no way, implies that engineers are put through some kind of bias. Only because CAT is a Quant-based exam, it should not be inclined towards only engineers which makes it unfair.

The bottom line of the entire initiative is that the IIMs are encouraging students to come up and study at the best management institute in the country, offering equal cerebral opportunity to everyone, engineer or not.