Godrej Presents its exclusive hand-made Bamboo frame bikes through Crowdfunding

Godrej Presents its exclusive hand-made Bamboo frame bikes through Crowdfunding

We all know that riding a bicycle is perhaps the most environment friendly way to commute. There are no nefarious emissions or those never ending beelines of wretched traffic when you are gliding along on your swanky bicycle. However, what if the bike itself became one with the nature? That is exactly what Craig Calfee has done. A moment’s epiphany, a small germ of an idea, and voila! The Godrej Bambusa was born. Vijay Crishna, Executive Director (Lawkim Motors Group) was travelling to Antarctica and stumbled upon a bamboo bike that had traversed the entire length of North and South America, and looked none the worse for wear. He was astounded by the strength, agility and design of the bike and invited the designer to collaborate with them. That’s how the Godrej Bambusa took wings and made a leap towards a sustainable future.

Campaign Link – https://www.fueladream.com/home/campaign/795

The Bambusa isn’t just a run of the mill eco-friendly bike; it is more durable and makes for a less bumpy ride than a normal bike. The frame is constructed out of Pseudo-Oxytenanthera Stocksii, a species that grows in a village near the factory. With a tensile strength that is more than even steel and about 4 times the absorption than carbon fibre, the bike takes the rider to the pinnacle of bicycle riding. The bad roads are nothing but an afterthought, as one takes the bambusa out for a spin! Each bike has unique bamboo markings, with no two bikes being the same. This is like a chance to be the belle of the ball in one’s friend circle as no one will even come close to owning something so unique. There are only 25 of these out there, and one can become the proud owners of it by just pre-ordering one through the crowd funding platform of fueladream.com. The bike can be pre-ordered for just 39999 before the price moves up to 44999!

What makes Bambusa the most chic bike in town?

The bike is available in two variants, Urban Commuter Brown and Urban Commuter White. So, if someone is a connoisseur of bikes, or just a casual rider, the bambusa offers a host of features that shall leave them gasping. The bike comes with 8-speed Shimano gears, lets you use standard bicycle parts (Tyres, Disc brakes, mudguard), uses imported top notch components and is one of the lightest bikes out there at 9kgs. Combine that with the slick finish, and you have the numero uno in bicycles right here!

More stringent testing than F1 cars!

The bike was put through an exhaustive grind that included testing at a government Lab as per ISO 4210 standard and was also put on the road when two cycling enthusiasts, cycled from Kanyakumari to Khardung la, on these beauties. The total journey travelled was a mind boggling 4400 KMS in 65 days!

To know more about the bike,its journey and the campaign, log onto https://www.fueladream.com/home/campaign/795 . There is also a brilliant video of the sojourn of our daredevil testers for the ones bit by the bug of travel and adventure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RExs_NicE74. Vijay Crishna, Executive Director (LawkimMotors Group, a division of Godrej and Boyce Mfg Co Ltd) passionetly remarked, “ As soon as I laid my eyes on the bamboo bike, I knew we had stumbled onto a gamechanger. Bambusa here is a big step forward in future vehicular design and we can’t be more proud of it. We believe that people will come out and appreciate this novel idea.” Chrishna wasn’t the only one who seemd chuffed with the Bambusa, as the designer and the brainchild Craig Calfee said, “when I had first set out to build the bamboo bike, I hadn’t envisioned that the idea shall reach where it has at the moment. The Bambusa is a result of painstaking work and passion, and it shows!”

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