Go home, RJ Balaji tells protesters

Go home, RJ Balaji tells protesters

Actor and radio jockey RJ Balaji has requested the protesters to go home. He said the government promulgating an ordinance in itself was success to the peaceful protests conducted over the last week.

He said in a video statement: “Instead of celebrating the first success (of making the Government to promulgate an ordinance), why are you venturing into violent protests?”

He added: The protests which were held peacefully over the last week should not end like the way it is turning out now.

Balaji said further: “I appeal to the protesting students and public to go home. Protests are over. Please go home.”

Earlier, Balaji was one of the active participatns of the protest, it is to be noted.

At a function, he said, “I feel Supreme Court is not right always. Supreme Court also directed a state to give us water. The state did not give us water, but nobody took action on the state.”

He began by speaking about his reasons for favouring the sport which is a tradition of embracing or hugging the bull and explained how the game which is predominantly played by men also involves women.