Glassmates Tamil movie review



Angayarkannan is an alcoholic who gets caught in trouble because of his drinking problem.

He drinks non stop along with his uncle Kuttypuli ‘Saravanan Sakthi’. He also doubts his wife which also creates problems in his marriage life.

How does all this affects his life, was Angayarkannan able to overcome his drinking habits forms the rest of the story.


Written and Directed by-Kuttypuli Saravanan Sakthi the core plot of the movie revolves around the drinking habit affects a person and his family members.

The screenplay is good and the way in which the climax ends is also appreciable.

Angayarkannan has carried the role of a drunkard in a convicing manner. It seems that he is actually drunk.

Kuttypuli Saravanan Sakthi too has carried his role well and has created the much needed impact in the role.

Brana has delivered what was expected from her in the role of a loving wife.

Mayilsamy, Chaams have done their characters with ease.

T M Karthik and Abi Nakshatra are good in their respective roles.

Arun Kumar Selvaraj’s cinematography is impressive and music by Prithvi is good.

Rest of the technical aspects are average.

Rating: 3.3/5