Get ready to handle hike in Covid-19 cases in TN: Chief Secretary tells Collectors

Amid opening up of more activities, Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary K Shanmugam has said the Covid-19 will spike in October if no proper discipline is observed by the public in using masks, following social distancing norms in public places and maintaining personal hygiene.

In a letter to District Collectors after a video-conference, Shanmugam said the state was still in the critical stage of the battle against Covid-19 and they should not let down the guard.

He asked them not to let down their guard or be complacent at any level in controlling the spread of Covid-19 as several restrictions have now been eased.

“With the opening up of more activities like industries, commercial, public transport, temples etc., the disease is expected to spike in October, if no discipline is enforced or observed by the general public in using face masks, maintaining social distancing in public places or failing to observe personal hygiene etc.

Hence, the district administration should create public awareness and educate public on the self imposed discipline and accountability in Covid-19 control,” he said. “The worst time in pandemic management is yet to come,” he added.

The district administration should mount Information Education Communication (IEC) to create awareness and educate the public on self-imposed discipline and accountability in Covid control. Shanmugam pointed out that the strategy has now shifted from lockdown restriction to containment zone management with effective perimeter control so that life gets back to normal.

“The shift is from government-driven testing, isolation, treating strategy to public driven testing, quarantine, isolation and treating strategy.  The role of the administration now is for strategic and focused intervention to control disease spread and to provide adequate facilities for testing and treatment, both private and government,” he added.