Genelia reveals a secret about her

Genelia Deshmukh has revealed how her perspective of looking at things changed after she turned vegetarian a couple of years ago. Genelia took to Instagram to reveal that she has had a few realisations after turning vegetarian.

The actress posted pictures of  homemade cabbage soup. Genelia mentioned that Riteish Deshmukh’s mother had grown some cabbages in their farm a while ago.

“Turning vegetarian was a choice I took a couple of years ago… I honestly thought it was going to be really really tough, but I was determined to make it work… On my journey, I realised the beauty of plants, the various colours I see through them and eventually the nutrients I get through them, but most importantly I feel less cruel to animals,” she posted.

She said further: “My mother in law grew some beautiful organic cabbages in our farm… We have been enjoying it raw through salads practically everyday, but today decided to make a soup out of it… ”

Genelia added: “I”ve heard of artificial colours being used in food to enhance colours and have been ever so against them but here I had got to see a pure beautiful purple colour, a colour I never thought I would get so effortlessly and to top it all it was super duper healthy ( literally farm to table.)”

According to the Velayudham, Santhosh Subramaniam and Sachien actress, “Not just me, the kids believed it was a unicorn colour they had got and had their soup as well… Aai thank you for filling my Sunday with colour.’

Genelia Deshmukh first spoke about her journey as a vegetarian and said that she embraced the lifestyle by choice. Genelia then added that she thought it would be tough initially to stick to organic farm food. However, she was determined in her endeavour to make things work.