Gayathri Raghuram makes confusing statements

Actress, choreographer and Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 participant Gayathri Raghuram, who enrolled herself in the Bharatiya Janata Party few years ago, had announced quitting politics on Monday, but said on Tuesday that she is still in BJP.

In a series of posts on Monday, she said, “Politics has gone so low now only arguing blaming others. Like Children fights there is no mature leaders to lead. There is no productive things happening. I dunno what people have decided. Will we change the fate of India? It’s not moving anywhere. No one to look up to. Let’s C.”

She said further: “As of now I’m losing interest in politics. I feel sorry for us. We have become a joke in the end. This is my personal opinion. Enough actors in politics than in cinema. Fake fighters fake leaders fake cadres and fake members. That’s all we get end of the day.”

Gayathri stated: “I don’t want to be one of them. With no truth loyalty or dedication. Only back stabbers and haters. I cannot act 24/7. When the time comes. I will step in loyalty truth and dedication. Politician is nothing but a villain role. Greed cunning every negative thing.”

She added: “I like to declare now that I want to analyse watch from out and learn more. I want to take break for learning things. It’s not time for me to step in. When it’s necessary I will. I’m not supporting any party as of now. This is my personal choice I’m making. Thank u all.”

She also said: “Press is making it impossible for all things I say and I do or i don’t know im targeted bcos of bjp. Lets stop assuming things and stop creating fake news. Media is another reason that make people a fool.”

She said on Tuesday: “I dint know taking a break is going to be so not peaceful. I hope @DrTamilisaiBJP don’t give her own lies now and say I already left. I hope she also understands the meaning of taking a break. Any which ways she already accused of me leaving. Let me take a peaceful break please.”

This morning, responding to S Ve Shekher, she said, “Not quitting I’m just on a break from all the yelling abusing commenting and complaining for a while. media is carrying out nonsense news. Anyways thats what they are uncle. I’m still in BJP. @DrTamilisaiBJP want me out of BJP and so does media I guess. I’m not leaving the party,” she added.