Gautham Menon struck at Turkey border for 24 hours

Gautham Menon struck at Turkey border for 24 hours

Gautham Vasudev Menon and other members of Dhruva Natchathiram team were stuck at the Turkey border for over 24 hours, before officials rushed to their help.

On Sunday morning, Gautham tweeted: “My film crew stuck at Turkey border. On the road. More than 24 hours now.” “Officials not letting us in with equipment inspite of legit papers,” he said, adding that they were not able to meet the demands of the officials.

“Crew traveling from Georgia to Istanbul by road. Carrying camera and costumes. Stuck now. At the border,” he said. “Turkey, we are looking forward to film in your beautiful country. If anybody that matters is reading this, please help. Worried for my crew,” Gautham added.

Soon after the tweets, officials rushed to their help. Following this, a statement was issued by DN team to the media here.

It said: “Gautham menon who visited Turkey last year fell in love with Istanbul-the city, it’s people and the energy-so much so that he decided right then to set a major portion of his pet project ‘Dhruva Natchathiram’ there.

A year later, gautham menon kept his word and has come to Istanbul with his crew to shoot. While traveling from georgia to turkey, the crew with the equipments faced a small hiccup due to a document oversight they weren’t aware of and gautham took to social media and asked for help.

And that’s when Turkish Airlines (the country’s national carrier) stepped in and immediately agreed to fly the crew in. The Indian agent Flamingo Travels and the Georgian company got together to sort this out with the help of Turkish authorities. Now the team is all set to reach Istanbul shortly.

A sequence of the film is expected to be shot here- with the entire cast in tow.

Double thumbs up to the Turkish and Indian team who worked together and sorted this out smoothly.”