Garuda Seva of Lord Sri Devaraja Swami, Kancheepuram

“Sreemathe Ramanujaya Namaha”

Lord Sri Devaraja Swami, Garuda Seva took place on 8th June 2017 Thursday morning. Inside the temple procession started at 3.30 am and Gopura Vasal Dharshan at 5.00 am. Followed by procession almost for 8 KM.

Large number of devotees gathered to get the blessings of Lord Sri Devaraja Swami

Kanchi Garudasevai Utsavam is unique in all temple Utsavams. The Very cause of the Garudasevai is itself Of Kanchipuram only. Sribhagawan Mahavishnu the Gajendra Varadha Raja Swamy is blessing not only His dear devotee the elephant when its legs are caught in crocodile’s mouth He is blessing and saving all living beings and devotees. Hence He is the Varadarajaswamy aptly called. The king of all deities. No other deity can give boons and blessings as Sri Varadaraja hence He has such credits to His name. After Gopuravasal Dharshan on the main door of temple, the Garudasevai has the Umbrellas on the Vahanam the Vahanam is tilted and Garuda is seen jumping with joy and seen thumping with victory. This is fine depicted as always this year too when umbrellas are put to His service. The god of air Vayudeva on reaching Perumal Garudasevai is joining Garudabhagawan and both have the eternal bliss of holding The Almighty. Hence with joy they are seen rejoicing happily. And devotees too with paramanandham are having unlimited happiness and inner peace have the fortune of witnessing the Garudasevai. We too are now blessed reading these great words

Tamil Nadu Police Department has taken enough care for the safety of the public and smooth trafic during the Divine entire procession.

Wonderful arrangements for the same have been made by Mr M Vijayan, Assistant Commissioner, / Executive Trustee / Executive Officer

T Raghavan