Gang attempts to hurl petrol bomb at Thuglak Editor Gurumurthy’s house

An alleged attempt to hurl petrol bomb at the house of Tamil magazine Thuglak’s Editor S Gurumurthy at Mylapore in Chennai on Sunday was foiled by an alert policeman

Bike-borne assailants tried to hurl petrol bomb at the residence of Gurumurthy, who is also an auditor and Rashtra Swayansevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue on Sunday.

Six bike-borne assailants reportedly tried to carry out the attack but escaped when they were stopped by the policeman. No one was hurt in the attack and the police have initiated an investigation.

The unidentified persons reportedly escaped on five bikes after a policeman on security detail raised an alarm. CCTV camera footage collected from the vicinity revealed one of the alleged intruders carrying a ‘suspicious-looking’ bag.

According to police, the men attempted to trespass into Gurumurthy’s house at Varadarajapuram in Mylapore. Police were not clear regarding the motive of the alleged intruders.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mylapore, S Nelson, said , “The house was under security cover. The unidentified men reached the area and were roaming around the house, evoking suspicion. When they tried to enter the house with a suspicious item in the bag, the personnel tried to accost them, following which they ran.”

Gurumurthy tweeted: “My thanks for all those concerned at my safety because of the incident at my home at 3.30 am in the morning. The police is investigating the matter. I am used to security issues since at least 1986.”