Ganesapuram movie review

Chinna, Raj Priyan and Kaasimaayan are close friends who live in Ganesapuram. Stealing is their only job.

Zamindhar Pasupathi Raj has several men like this trio under his control. During one panchayat, Chinna beats the Village president Kayal Perera.

Following this Perera’s son Rajasimman plans to take revenge on Chinna and his friends. Menawhile, Chinna falls in love with Risha.
This creates a rift between the friends who also stops stealing for a while. Did Rajasimman succeed in his revenge? Did Chinna and his friends reunite forms the rest of the story.

Chinna suits the rule well, ‘Tiktok’ fame Raj Priyan has delivered a decent performance for his first film. Kaasimayan’s acting is also appreciable. The rest of the cast has also delivered what was expected from them.

Director Veerangan has delivered a movie with love, friendship and theft. Some of the scenes look cliched. The length of the movie could have been trimmed in the second half.

Vasu’s camerawork in impressive. Raja Sai’s songs are impressive and his BGM suits the story well.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5