Galtha  Review

Cric Rating: 2.5 / 5


In a village on the border of Tamil Nadu, politicians dump medical waste and make money. Protagonist Siva Nishanth’s father (Gajaraj) and Antony oppose this.

Many in the village die due to the dangerous impact of the bio-medical waste. Antony’s wife is one among them. This forces Antony to hit the bottle and he becomes addicted to liquor.

As he continues his fight with a corrupt Councillor who is responsible for the dumping of the medical waste, the Councillor murders Antony.

This makes the people of the village to protest. What happens next? Who succeeded at the end? Galtha tells the answers to these questions.


Directed by Hari Uthraa, Galtha talks about how bio-medical waste is dumped in the places of innocents and how it affects the people and the environment.

Siva Nishanth has done well despite being a fresher, while Antony of Merku Thodarchi Malai fame and Gajaraj are right choices for their respective role.

Appukutty has done a negative role and Ayraa, the lead actress, has understood her character well. Jaya Krish’s songs, especially the Appa number, are good. The movie’s biggest highlight is cinematography by Vasu.

Though there are logical errors and the screenplay lacks coherence, Galtha can be watched for its theme and the way it has been shown on screen.

Galtha  : Bio-medical pic