People should take pride in their own heritage: Governor R N Ravi

Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi slammed the people on responsible positions quoting ‘British government’ for India’s development, and said that the people of the country should take pride in their own heritage and should mentally free themselves from the influence of ‘Colonial Rule’. He also said that people need “total decolonization of the mind”.

“It is very pitiful and sad to see people who are in responsible positions still quoting that without the British government, there would not have been development in our country,” Governor R N Ravi said. “We must take pride in our heritage, our culture, and spirituality,” he said.

Governor RN Ravi was speaking at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Chinmaya Vidyalaya as a Chief Guest on Sunday, and said that it is the duty of the people of the country to free themselves from colonial rule and they need to “total decolonization of the mind”.

“We need total decolonization of the mind. Mahatma Gandhi once said the British left us physically, but they are still in our minds. We have to work hard to remove them from our minds.

It is even very valid today and no wonder we find people in responsible positions, holding high positions talking from a public platform that British rule was a blessing and disguise.

They say that without British rule, there would not have been any development in the country or Tamil Nadu,” he said, while adding that one doesn’t know whether to pity such a person or to feel sad about it. “How can anyone, who claims to be educated say that British rule was a blessing? That these only show Britishers are still on our mind,” he added.