Furtados School of Music Launches its Online Learning Website, FSMBuddy

Aimed at providing quality right brain stimulating activities ranging from speech, drama, dance, music and more!

Given that the pandemic has left us homebound and put restrictions on social contact, this is the time for a digital and virtual revolution which will reinvent India 2.0. Online learning is going to be the new normal, giving the parents a chance to be more involved with their kid’s education and ensure overall development from the grass root level. Keeping this thought in mind, Furtados School of Music has launched their all-inclusive right brain stimulating online learning platform, called FSMBuddy, which is aimed at providing interactive learning courses across the fields of arts, drama, language and music.

While there are multiple platforms concentrating on left brain stimulation, there is no such platform available for more creative activities. Understanding the need state for such an offering, FSM expanded their expertise of music to include art, speech, drama and dance as well. The idea was also fuelled by understanding that social distancing is likely to continue and children will require fun and interactive ways of spending their time given that playgrounds and outdoor sports will be restricted.

It would be the first time for online learning platforms to have something like FSMBuddy which organises live, virtual classes, instead of offering pre-recorded classes, for all its students. The classes are designed in a way to follow a pre-decided timeline for all their courses. To make it even better for the student to learn at his speed and remember, FSMBuddy makes the classes available for the student’s for up to almost 2 weeks post their scheduled class.

“When children are small, their right brain is actually more active than the left, however once a child enters school, the curriculum is focused on sharpening the left brain, due to which the right brain slows down over time. By the age of 25, the right brain function actually reduces. It is essential to stimulate the child’s right brain in the first 15 years of their life to ensure synergy between the two sides and thus significantly enlarging the whole brain capacity” said Ms. Dharini Upadhyaya, CO Founder and CO-CEO of Furtados School of Music.

“Every teacher is carefully selected to ensure a great learning experience for students. The aim is to provide quality education to the students abroad whose roots are still in India, bringing the world closer together. This initiative is in line with our honourable prime ministers vision of being self reliant, taking local to global. The platform will also routinely host short term master classes with as well accomplished musicians” said Ms. Tanuja Gomes, , CO Founder and CO-CEO of Furtados School of Music.

FSMBuddy has received great testimonials from music industry experts like ace drummer Darshan Doshi, classical musicians, percussionist and composer Taufiq Qureshi, veteran actor Farida Venkat, Mr. Chintoo Bhosle to name a few, talking about the need state of having such a platform and how these opportunities can lend a hand in shaping the future of our kids.

About Furtados School of Music:Furtados School of Music (FSM), today is a name synonymous with music education in the country. With the vision to make music accessible to every music aspirant in the country Furtados and Furtados School of Music have now embarked on an ambitious retail dream of bringing quality and organized music learning to the doorstep of every music aspirant.

Starting in 2011, in a short span of time FSM has grown not only terms of school and non-school centers, but also in terms of faculty, infrastructure and the variety of courses taught. FSM faculty consists of highly motivated and passionate teachers drawn from a diverse mix of experienced and young musicians from India and abroad. Apart from being qualified musicians, they are extensively trained to impart an enjoyable and exhilarating music learning experience to students. The roster of instruments and programmes currently include piano, electronic keyboard, guitar, drums, violin and vocal and is continuously revamped to include demand for new instruments and programmes. Integral to FSM’s success is a world-class curriculum designed by leading educators from across the world. The course is comprehensive and gives equal emphasis to music theory. It combines modern and effective methods of teaching with traditional elements of music learning.