Friend says Rajini will enter politics

Friend says Rajini will enter politics

Superstar Rajinikanth on Thursday declined to answer any political questions, amid speculation over his possible political plunge.

Refraining from commenting on any issue related to Sri Lankan Tamils, Rajinikanth on Thursday evaded question on Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day, which is observed by Sri Lankan Tamils.

“Please don’t ask political questions,” he said when reporters asked him about his recent comments on entering politics.

Expressing joy over meeting his fans after an eight year gap, he told fans: “Take care of your family. Give up all vices.”

Meanwhile, one of his closest friends has insisted that “he won’t disappoint 7 crore Tamilians”.

Raj Bahadur, Rajinikanth’s friend from the old days when he earned his livelihood as a conductor in Karnataka state-run buses, said that the actor was “very concerned” about the future of the state after Jayalalithaa’s death.

Raj Bahadur has said that when Rajiniknath was in Bengaluru last time he discussed about politics close to 12 hours. He further added that there is a turmoil Tamil Nadu politics after the demise of Jayalalithaa.

He will take right time decision at the right time in the interests of Tamil Nadu people.