Fotoclickers Introduces World-Class On-Demand Photography App for iOS & Android

Fotoclickers Introduces World-Class On-Demand  Photography App for iOS & Android

At pre-set rates charged by the minute #PayPerMinute

Chennai, Dec. 2017

Fotoclickers Private Limited (“Fotoclickers”) releases on the Google Play Store and the
Apple App Store, India’s first mobile app that provides discerning clients on-demand
access to high quality photographers. From 5 am until midnight, clients can use services
of Fotoclickers to connect with photographers and capture all their memorable
To download the app, click on the links
 Android:
 iOS:
Integrated with ‘Book Now’ and ‘Book Later’ options, Fotoclickers is fully prepared to
serve clients within one hour of booking.
“For an incredibly reasonable price of Rs. 750 as base fee for first 30 minutes and Rs.
25 for every additional minute, clients will get to enjoy a holistic premium service
inclusive of expert editing, digital prints within 48 hours from closing of the order to
password-protected cloud storage for 12 months. Beyond that, the storage facility will
attract a minimum subscription towards insuring the contents” said Mr. Murali
Gunasekaran, Founder, Fotoclickers.
Being launched in Chennai, the company is planning to quickly expand over the next 12
months offering premium, professional and basic services in accordance with the
requirements of its clients across the cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai,
New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Kolkata and Gurugram.
For details, please visit or call @ 4610 1111.
“Finding the right photographer with the right budget when required has become
increasingly difficult and time consuming. The company has spent the last 18 months
conducting primary market research exercises, aggregating and training the
photographers as well as finalizing the technology platform that will provide clients world
class experience for their on-demand and scheduled photography needs. Fotoclickers is
in the business of speed and convenience by enabling the general public to expedite
the process of connecting to verified photographers at pre-set rates charged by the
minute. Truly a game-changer” said Mr. Vishnu Kumar, Co-Founder, Fotoclickers.

Founded by Murali Gunasekaran, Nanda Kumar, Prince Faraqualeeth and Vishnu
Kumar, Fotoclickers is poised to disrupt the photography space by significantly
enhancing the visual experience of clients nationwide.
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About Fotoclickers:
Fotoclickers Private Limited is a leading on-demand visual solutions company, based
out of Chennai, India. It is focused on ensuring that sweet & nostalgic occurrences of
every resident of this great country are captured with clarity, aesthetically stored digitally
for retrieval whenever required. The company works with photographers across the
nation to accomplish this. The company has created world-class web and mobile
platforms to provide an extremely enjoyable experience to its users.
Media Contact: Mr. Vishnu Kumar. K, Co-Founder, Fotoclickers @ 4610 1111 /