Forms & Gears and Parvathi Nayar Honored with Trumpf India and Wolters Kluwer Environment Awards

In a significant recognition of their efforts towards environmental conservation, Forms and Gears, one of  India’s oldest fixture-building companies, and the renowned visual artist Parvathi Nayar, have been awarded the prestigious Environmental Awards by Trumpf India and Wolters Kluwer. These accolades  celebrate their outstanding contributions to raising awareness about climate change.

On April 13th 2024, their collaborative piece titled “Ocean’s Breath” was inaugurated as part of the permanent “The Living Ocean” exhibition at Dakshinachitra Museum, Chennai. The installation, which  beautifully captures the essence of the ocean and the microscopic diatoms that inhabit it, underscores the  critical role these organisms play in producing around 40 percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere. This  piece aims to emphasize the urgent need to protect our oceans amidst the growing threat of climate  change.

Parvathi Nayar, a multidisciplinary visual artist, was recognized not only for her curation of  “The Living  Ocean” exhibition but also for her conceptualization and direction of the film “Seaspeaker” Her consistent  creative endeavors have significantly contributed to environmental advocacy, making her a worthy  recipient of this honor. 

In addition to Forms and Gears and Parvathi Nayar, awards were presented to S. Palayam for his
extensive work in recording ocean data, Dakshinachitra Art Museum for producing the enlightening
“Living Ocean” exhibition, and Shoba Menon for her two decades of dedication to urban greening and  biodiversity regeneration.

Pradeep Patil, Managing Director of TRUMPF India, remarked, “As a family business, we prioritize long- term sustainability and are committed to our responsibilities. Our climate strategy spans our entire value  chain, from sites to products and the supply chain. We are developing increasingly energy-efficient  products that produce minimal waste, aligning with the 1.5-degree reduction pathway of the Paris Climate  Agreement. This World Environment Day, we are thrilled to acknowledge the efforts of these individuals  who are dedicated to climate action and environmental preservation.” 

Wolters Kluwer also hosted an event at their premises to felicitate the awardees. Their Managing Director  Raju Vaidyanathan stated, “We are honored to recognize the impactful work of Forms and Gears,  Parvathi Nayar, Shoba Menon, S. Palayam, and Dakshinachitra. Their contributions are vital to our  collective efforts in combating climate change and fostering environmental sustainability.”

The unique partnership between  Forms and Gears and Parvathi Nayar is set to expand significantly.  They  plan to collaborate on future public and community projects that will continue to highlight environmental  issues and promote sustainability. This partnership aims to inspire and engage communities, fostering a collective effort towards preserving our planet.