For first time in India, Chennai Metro Rail does chemical-free sanitisation

Post COVID – 19, revenue services in CMRL resumed on 07th September 2020 as per the guidelines of the Government. Amongst several safety measures, CMRL has taken up the sanitization of Rolling Stock and Stations on Top Priority and various sanitization chemicals were used extensively.

CMRL is the first Indian Metro to venture into micro-plasma oxidation system to produce aqueous stabilized ozone on demand to avoid exposure of harsh chemicals during sanitization.

It is a clean, safe and sustainable water disinfectant. This technology is currently used in high-end defence and medical applications.

ETA Purification’s Micro-Plasma Oxidation system use surrounding air that is Chemical – free as its raw material and it leaves no harmful residues.

CMRL in association with ETA Purification have designed and developed a system to use the above technology to disinfect Rolling Stock and Stations.

The produced aqueous-based disinfecting agent is approximately 10-1000 times more effective than other chemicals against bacteria, mold and viruses. The sanitation process can be completed in just a few minutes.

It is 51% more powerful on bacteria cell walls than chlorine and kills bacteria 3000 times faster. Unlike chlorine, it is non-toxic and produces no disinfection by-products. This system uses
only ordinary water as input and no chemicals are added.