First-look poster of Shaam’s upcoming film titled Asthram, The Secret

The first-look poster of actor Shaam’s upcoming film titled Asthram, was released by the makers on social media.

The film, which goes by the tagline “The Secret” is directed by Aravind Rajagopal.

The film is produced by DSM Dhanashanmugamani with the release date yet to be revealed by the makers.

The first look poster is fiery and mystical, as we see Shaam looking straight into the camera, as he is holding a book that is caught in flames.

The Asthram poster shows Shaam holding a book partly burning in flames, as he looks into the camera straight.

There is also a clock-like structure with needles in the backdrop, as a gun lies on a table.

The film is written by Aravind Rajagopal with Jegan MS serving as the writer and co-director of the film. The technical crew consists of cinematographer Kalyan Venkataraman with Sundaramurthy KS scoring the music.