I am fine, don’t believe rumours: P Susheela

Veteran playback singer P Susheela was rumoured to have passed away on Thursday night, and social media was flooded with tributes and condolences.
Rubbishing it as a rumour, a film publicist clarified that the singer was safe and that veteran actress Pramila had just met her in the US.
“#PSuseela Amma is hale & healthy, presently in Dallas city, USA. Kindly don’t believe in rumours. The person sitting next to P Suseela Amma is #Arangettram fame Pramila. She met Suseela Amma n Dallas, USA,” he posted and also shared a picture.
But still, there was no stopping for rumours. Following this, the singer herself has issued a video statement from the US, clearing the air that she is alive and active.
“My dear fans, I am fine and I am in the United States. I will return to India tomorrow. Please don’t believe rumours about me. I am good. After my return, you (journalists) can come and interview me,” she said.
Praised as a melody queen, the singer has sung songs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and more.