Film shoots stalled because of FEFSI strike

Film shoots stalled because of FEFSI strike

Shoots of many Tamil films were affected after members of FEFSI went on a strike from Friday after talks failed with the Tamil Film Producer’s Council.

Director Vignesh Shivan, whose Thaana Serndha Kootam too has been affected, “BoringStrikes ! It irks to not work when every cell in your body is ready to sweat it out ! In cinema we preach so many concepts like love, friendship, positivity, salvation, unity n so much more !”

He added: “But we are not practicing what we preach !difference of opinions and lack of selecting permanent solutions for important things is missing ! Inside a family to be soo happy together ,complementing each other.. don’t know what jinx creeped in !”

Producer’s Council had put out an advertisement recently where they called for students to apply for different positions in the industry. This does not seem to have gone well with FEFSI as they believe that employing other members would lead to problems.

Hence, FEFSI announced that their members will participate in a long strike from Friday after Tamil Film Producers Council decided to hire visual communication students for film related works, which will affect the livelihood of routine employees.

Films that are affected include Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kaala, it is to be noted.