Film personalities hit out at cops for Sathankulam custodial deaths

The custodial deaths in Sathankulam in southern Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu has sent waves across the country. Many celebrities have strongly condemned the incident and sought strict action against the policemen involved.

Khushbu Sundar: “Will we and can we see law taking its course and punishing the guilty without any further delay in #Jeyaraj and #Fenix case? The culprits cannot and should not getaway. A family has lost their most loved ones. Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar: “When it’s wrong..ITS WRONG…no matter who it is..extremely shocked at the behaviour #Sathankulampolice There’s no solace for their family..#JusticeForJeyarajAndFenix we can’t blame the entire police force..those 2 frustrated sadistic men have to be punished…RIP.”

Jayam Ravi: “No one is above the law, justice must be done for this inhuman act.”

Karthik Subbaraj: “What happened in Saththankulam is HORRIBLE!! Insult to Humanism… The accused officials needs to be Punished and Justice has to be given to those poor souls…. Some Humans are more dangerous than Viruses!!”

Gautham Karthik: “HORRIFIED to hear of the brutality inflicted upon Jeyaraj & Fenix in #Sathankulam May they R.I.P.
This is NOT the work of Good and Honest police men who uphold Justice, Law & Order.
This is the work of a few sadistic and barbaric criminals in uniform!

Aishwarya Rajesh: “Sathankulam incident is horrifying. It is totally inhuman. Really not acceptable. Justice in the delay is injustice.”

D Imman: “Terrified to hear the brutality inflicted upon Jeyaraj & Fenix. Totally inhuman and could not digest the torture they must have gone through. Let us raise our voices for this ruthless act India! Jeyaraj and Fenix are the George Floyd of India.”

Riteish Deshmukh: “This is tragic & absolute national shame. It sends shivers down my spine even reading about it. We all must stand together against this barbaric brutality.”

Shikhar Dhawan: “Horrified to hear about the brutality inflicted upon Jeyaraj & Fenix in Tamil Nadu. We must raise our voice and make sure justice is given to the family.”