Feroz’s ‘Wake Up’ – Horror short flick

The lockdown phase has  imparted a space for many film fraternity members to rediscover their innovativness. Over the past couple of months, we have come across many celebrities making short films within their walls. Significantly, Actress Vijayalakshmi and her husband-director Feroz are the latest ones to join the league as they have made a short film now. Titled as ‘Wake Up’, the short feature looks like a spine-tingling horror, where a family with couple and their kid (played by Feroz, Vijayalakshmi and Nilan) experience paranormal activities within their house. Although the trailer with a runnjng length of 1min 37secs gives a clear picture of what this short feature could be, we are still wedged between blind guesses whether its a horror or psychological thriller. Ask director Feroz and he joking ly says, “We have just made a short film and dont want the spoiler to ruin the show. Its a humble attempt, where we have shot the entire film within our home using iphone. We are happy with  the positive response and will be releasing the full feature short film soon.”