FEFSI trouble for Bigg Boss, Kamal's shoot disrupted

FEFSI trouble for Bigg Boss, Kamal’s shoot disrupted

Tension reportedly prevailed on the sets of Bigg Boss in the outskirts of Chennai today, after the Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) demanded that the shooting of the show be stopped as only a few of its crew members are from their association.

According to Angamuthu Shanmugam, FEFSI general secretary, “It came to our notice that around 75% of the production crew are from Mumbai, which is against the terms and conditions of FEFSI.”

He added: “Last year, too, a similar scenario occurred, but after discussing with Kamal Haasan, we ensured that 50% of the crew goes there from our association.”

However, he has dismissed as rumour an information that the shooting of Bigg Boss involving Kamal was disrupted today.

Meanwhile, a controversy broke inside the house. Bhalaji after a heartfelt narration of his married-life troubles ambled over to the kitchen where estranged wife Nithya was preparing lunch.

He suggested she add onions to the carrot poriyal to add flavour and volume. Nithya stood mum. Mumtaz urged her to respond to the request. Soon, Mahat joined in saying onions pair great with carrots.

Things got ugly when Nithya failed to recognise the tone of fun in Mumtaz and Mahat’s first entreaties. She put her foot down and said ‘no’ to the onions.

Nithya’s Argumentative nature seemed to annoy everyone in the house and moreover, she was arrogant in listening to other’s opinions.

Mumtaz’s statement was: “I am done in this conversation. I don’t think I have done anything wrong and I did not let you handle breakfast all alone. I did manage to get out of bed in the morning and cook for everyone even when my joints were in pain. You cannot say I let you handle everything alone. If I am wrong I will apologize otherwise replace the captain if you want, I am done”.