Father, mother arrested for dumping girl child in dust bin

Father, mother arrested for dumping girl child in dust bin

Police have arrested a couple from Nepal who killed their newborn girl child and disposed of her body near a bush in Chitlapakkam on July 9.

Police on Tuesday recovered the body of the child on Lenin Street in Chitlapakkam after reports from residents.

The police rushed to the spot and the body was immediately sent to Chromepet Government Hospital. In the preliminary post-mortem, the infant was found to be pre-term, a girl, born six to eight hours before she was found.

Investigations revealed that the wife of Ram Bahadur, a security guard at Thirumangai Nagar in Chitlapakkam, had been pregnant. Suspicion fell on the couple as the infant was missing.

The couple already had two children, a son and a daughter. When the couple found that their third child was a girl, they reportedly decided to kill the baby. Chitlapakkam police said the investigation was continuing.

Residents in Lenin street were in a shock when they spotted around four dogs feeding on the infant. The body was immediately sent to government Chromepet hospital. Post mortem results revealed the premature baby was born only four to five hours before the incident.