Fans slam Rahman, Chinmayi comes to his support

Hindi speaking fans of music maestro AR Rahman were disappointed that the composer preferred to sing Tamil songs over Hindi numbers at his recent concert at Wembley’s The SSE Arena, UK.

Many took to their micro-blogging page and some even asked for refunds for the ticket.

Meanwhile, coming to Rahman’s support, singer Chinmayi posted on her micro-blogging page, “When Rahman sir wins 2 Oscars and creates history, he is “An Indian”, but 7-8 Tamil gaane kya gaa liye aap naraaz hote ho. What yaar? The show was called ‘Netru Indru Naalai’, had 65% Hindi songs (Set List is out there).”

“Music knows no boundaries/language. And many fail to understand why South Indians can’t learn Hindi. We can. We always have when needed. Hindi Prachar Sabha has been active for decades. But I see no point in changing the language in a milestone to Hindi where the locals understand neither Hindi nor English. So what does anyone achieve by alienating millions?” she said.

She added: “There aren’t too many north of the Vindhyas who have attempted to learn a language that is not native to them. Be it Government offices or the Pani Puri wala. Many migrate to the South for work.

But the standard responses will be in Hindi when we speak Tamil/Kannada/Telugu. India has managed to develop despite red tape and corruption. We coexist. Let us all speak the languages we wish to and learn what we wish to. We have the choice. And we always must have the choice. It cannot be thrust on us.”