Enjoy movie review


Madhan Kumar is an IAS aspirant, he stays along with dancer Vignesh and another rich boy Harish Kumar.

Meanwhile, Jiivi Aparna, Charumisa and Niranjana all become friends after joining a college in Chennai.

The trio is saved from ragging by their senior Haasin. Madhan, Vignesh and Harish plan for a trip to Kodaikanal.

On the other hand Jeevi Aparna, Charumisa and Niranjana yearn to lead a life like Hasin.

So Hasin makes arrangement for the trio to take part in a party at a resort in Kodaikanal.

Problems arises when both the gangs meet. What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Perumal Kaasi has created the story as an awareness movie to the youngsters.

He has conveyed an important message at the climax. The director has designed the characters in such a way that they convey the message effectively.

All the lead actors are new comers and have performed well.

Madhankumar as the IAS aspirant gets to play serious role and he does it convincingly.

Vignesh as the dancer get a light role and has good comic sense as well. Harish too has done his part well. The female leads have also strong roles.

Their characters are designed in such a way that it reflects the mind of young girls. K N Akbar’s camerawork is impressive.

The portions in Kodaikanal are captured in an aesthetic manner. K M Rayan’s music adds more strength to the movie.

Rating: 3.3/5