En 6 Vaathiyaar Kaalpanthatta Kuzhu movie review


Sharath and his friends are from poor family and are fond of football.

They are ambitious to excel in the sport.

Madan Dakshinamurthy, a former football player, is working to change their condition by teaching what he knows to the poor youth.

Through his efforts, Sharath and his friends achieve their ideals and become great footballers and get a chance to play in the Indian Super League football series.

However, few people who do not like their development conspire against their progress. Did they foil the plot?

What happens next forms the rest of the story.


Director Hari Uthra, who has talked extensively about the politics in the sports industry, has given a complete commercial film, in addition to talking in detail about how the dominant capitalists prevent those below them from progressing, where and how their politics work.

Newcomer Sharath, who plays the lead role, is the perfect choice for the role and impresses with his bold and confident performance.

Sharath, who has acted very naturally in all scenes be it romantic, sentimental, action, will surely prove himself as a good actor if given a good opportunity.

Airaa, who is playing the heroine, has done her job flawlessly, even though she has very limited screenspace.

Madan Dakshinamurthy, who plays the role of a football coach, has, as usual, added strength to the character with his excellent performance.

Naren who plays the villain, Kanja Karupu, Ilayaraja.S, Muthu Veera who plays the police and other actors have all done their job well.

The technical aspects of the movie as passable.

Rating: 3.2/5