Emotional message from Aishwarya R Dhanush

Filmmaker Aishwarya R Dhanush of 3 and Vai Raja Vai fame has appealed to people to take enough precautions like wearing face mask to safeguard themselves from Covid-19 pandemic.

The elder daughter of Superstar Rajinikanth and wife of actor-filmmaker Dhanush has come out with a lengthy message spreading awareness on the novel coronavirus disease.

“Like my dear co-brother, a cardiologist himself rightly put and I quote “COVID-19 is neither a joke nor a farce my dear friends. It actually pains to see even well-learned people talk like that,” she said.

“We see a 93 year old recovering and coming out and a 32 year old succumbing to COVID on the same day,” she further said in her social media post.

Aishwarya added, “COVID chooses its own course…
– no one is invincible
-behavioural pattern of the disease keeps varying with every individual -it bites (symptomatic)some
-it licks (asymptomatic)some

But the problem is with the people whom it licks(asymptomatic) and goes away. They are the ones who have this false confidence and spread theories like what I said in the beginning and are spreading the disease like wild fire without social responsibility.

Unless COVID hits someone I know badly, I won’t respect it – is a bad self-centric attitude. So, kindly stop spreading rumours like it’s farce, scam, nothin etc and start following the safety norms.

Is wearing a mask such a big deal or difficulty ?”- Dr J Karthik Anjaneyan MD DM Cardiologist. @dranjee I have doctors in the family and I hear their experiences and difficulties. We can’t make their jobs easier, but we can definitely help them by listening to them. #wearamask #staysafe.”