Election Commissioners will be appointed by a panel: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court today said Election Commissioners will be appointed by a panel including the Prime Minister, the Leader of Opposition and the Chief Justice of India, in a landmark verdict aimed at “maintaining the purity of elections”.

The Chief Election Commissioners and two election commissioners, who oversee polls across the country, will be appointed on the advice of a committee that will give the opposition and the judiciary a say.

“Elections should undoubtedly be fair and the buck stops with the Election Commission of India to ensure its purity is maintained,” said a five-judge Constitution bench led by Justice KM Joseph.

“In democracy, the purity of elections must be maintained or else it would lead to disastrous consequences,” said the unanimous verdict.

The far-reaching verdict also means the Election Commission will have an independent secretariat, rule-making powers, an independent budget, and equal protection from impeachment.

The Election Commission can now draw funds directly from the consolidated fund of India, instead of having to g