Drunk poll observer fires into air in Chidambaram, relieved of duty

An IPS officer, who was appointed by the Election Commission as police observer to Chidambaram constituency, has been relieved from duty after he opened fire in the air during the wee hours on Sunday.

After people heard continuous gun shots at Government circuit house and alerted the police, Ariyalur district collector Mrs. M. Vijayalakshmi accompanied by SP, Srinivasan, SP Perambalur Disha Mittal and others rushed to the spot.

They held an inquiry with a police constable Manibalan who was posted to assist Hemant Kalson, Inspector General of Police, Haryana, now posted as a police observer for the Chidambaram(Reserve) Lok Sabha constituency.

Preliminary inquiries with Manibalan and other staff in the Government circuit house revealed that Hemant was allegedly in an inebriated condition. He had asked the service pistol from police constable Manibalan, saying that he wanted to check whether the weapon was in order.

Then Hemant opened nine rounds in the air, out of the ten bullets loaded in the gun. Ariyalur police registered a case against Hemant and are investigating.

The officer Hemant Kalson, from Haryana, took up election observer duty for the Chidambaram Lok Sabha constituency on Saturday. After completing duty, he was staying at the traveller’s bungalow in Ariyalur town.

Following the incident, he was relieved from duty and sent back by flight. Ariyalur police registered a case against him for careless handling of a weapon. The District Election Officer M Vijayalakshmi took up the matter to the Chief Electoral Officer in Chennai.