Double Awards for “Motherland” at Cosmos Film Festival …

“Motherland” won two awards at the Cosmos International Film Festival …
Hundreds of films from more than forty countries were screened online at the awards ceremony.
The film “Thainilam” won the Best Cinematography Award and the Best Debut Director award.
Mr. Prasanth Pranav, Cinematographer, “Motherland” won the Best Cinematography Award and Mr. Abilash G. Devan won the Best Debut Director Award.
The duo said they were delighted to receive the award for the first film in which they worked together.
On the contrary, these awards are the result of the pain and life of the Sri Lankan Tamil people being sculpted to the extent that it touches the minds of every fan who watches the film …
Director Abilash, cinematographer Prasanth and producer Amar Ramachandran said the award would be presented to thousands of children in Sri Lanka who have lost everything, become orphans and live without addresses on the streets.
The film “Thainilam” produced by Dr. Amar Ramachandran has been selected for many international film festivals.
Waiting for the movie theaters to open again.
“Motherland” movie  Songs written by poet Palani Bharathi and Tamara to the music of Auseppachan will be released soon.