Dos and don'ts to public during rainy days

Dos and don’ts to public during rainy days

The Tamil Nadugovernment has come out with an elaborate set of “Dos and Don’ts” in view of the storm. Here are they:


Keep radio/television on and listen to latest weather warnings and advisories.

Pass the information to others.

Pass only the official information you have got from the Radio/TV to others.

Strong winds can break windows/doors, so keep them secured.

Get away from low lying beaches or other locations which may be swept by high tides or storm waves.

Leave sufficiently early before your way to high ground gets flooded.

Do not delay and run the risk of being marooned.

If your house is out of danger from high tides and flooding from the river and it is well built, it is then probably the best place.

However, please act promptly if asked to evacuate.

Be alert for high water in areas where streams of rivers may flood due to heavy rains.

Get extra food, especially things which can be eaten without cooking or with very little preparation. Store extra drinking water in suitably covered vessel.

If you are in one of the evacuation areas, move your valuable articles to upper floors to minimize flood damage.

Make provisions for children and adults requiring special diets.

Be careful of snakes/insect bites and carry a stick when in rain water.

Be careful of fallen power lines.

Be calm. Your ability to meet emergency will inspire and help others.

You should remain in shelters until informed by those in charge that you may return home.

People should keep away from disaster areas unless you are required to assist.

Cars, buses, lorries and carts should be driven carefully.

Relatives should be promptly informed about the safety of persons in the disaster area.


Do not go outside until officially advised safe.

Avoid being misled by rumors.

Don’t leave shelters until informed by the rescue personals.

Don’t leave the safer place during lull.

Don’t allow the children to go out during the Cyclone period.

Don’t touch the loose and dangling wire from lamp post, it may have electric current.