Don't worry about red card Simbu tells fans

Don’t worry about red card, Simbu tells fans

Following the reported red card against Simbu over AAA issue, many of his fans have been posting videos, defending their star and outraging about the treatment meted out to him.

Following this, STR has issued a statement asking his fans to stay cool. He also said his film with Sundar C, Vandhaa Rajava Thaan Varuven, will hit the screens for Pongal.

He assured his fans that no one person can take a decision to sideline him or his fans and that he will be pursuing the issue with the Council directly.

“My vehement request to my dearest fans and admirers! Please do not worry about the recent happenings in the industry. No one person can take a decision to sideline us,” he said.

He added: “Any decision taken will always be a decision by group of members and council and we will ensure it gets resolved to our best.”

Requesting his fans to not target any particular person and to always spread love, he said, “Don’t get anxious and target any particular person. Always spread love. Thank you for your constant and unwavering love and support as usual.”

“#NengaillamaNaanilla Let us all do our duty and the results will be automatic. No matter what we will fight out and come for Pongal! #PongalukkuVarom #VRV #STR,” he concluded.